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Hi fellow Money Seeker,

I paid off my student loan and quit my day job 3 months ago - debt free. I now enjoy lazy days, long holidays and luxuries I never dreamed I would afford.

It's not all been easy though. I spent 12 months desperately trying to find a way out of my job. I tried all the usual MLM marketing programs, Clickbank, Adsense, paid surveys etc. and became disappointed and depressed by the whole experience. I wasted over $2000 and I was quickly spiraling into depression. When one day it came to me...

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All I do is check emails. That's it. That beats 10 hour days stressed and goggle eyed. It beats working for a boss (I savor the day I told her 'I quit'). And what's more, watching that money pour in is more exciting than any job I've ever had before... Well, I can't really justify calling it a job, I only work 10 minutes a day :)

I'm not here to boast though. I just want to give you a little of my life to show dreams can come true. The internet can bring money and freedom to people like us. And you can have it too, with this one simple trick.

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Using Project Payday, you can start earning money from day 1 spending at least 4 hours in total with zero investment. This includes 2 hours of training and 2 hours of implementation. You need to understand the system to get started and then you need to start implementing it to get paid through paypal in less than 2 hours. Thatís on day 1 and you can earn $50 on your day 1. Guaranteed! You don't need to be from a computer background or require any special skills to earn via Project Payday.

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  Project Payday is a BBB Accredited Business since 11/09/2010. This shows Project Payday's commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints and take care of its members.

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   Project Payday is the easiest and the best. I am currently spending less than an hour a day and I
   average around $1000 to 21000 every week. You can too! with free training & mentoring Program.

   How much will you get paid?

An average person can earn around $50 working an hour and your earning increase when you put more efforts. Even if you work 2 hours a day, your average earning will be $100 per day and $3000 per month for just working 2 hours a day. If you can work 4 hours a day, you will get paid $6000 per month.

   Project Payday Free Mentoring

Project Payday provides free mentoring for newbies with zero experience. You can use the below link to join Project Payday and they will assign a mentor to teach you absolutely FREE!


   Is Project Payday a Scam?

Definitely not. There are a lot of people who earn over $3000 per month using project payday. Project Payday also has a $100 guarantee. They will send you $100 if you canít make your first fifty dollars after reading and implementing the first step in the main Project Payday guide. Honestly, it will not take more than 2 hours to earn your first $50 today. You can earn even more in couple of hours. Guaranteed!

   The below screenshot is taken from Project Payday Website.
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"You'll get the whole of business system: the capture webpages,
ad copy, leads lists, and most importantly, Project Payday 'Income System'.
Every tool you will ever need to make $1000s - completely FREE.


   How can you be so sure?

   Because it has been tested repeatedly, by all the previous visitors to this page who took this once in a lifetime opportunity... and are now leaving their day jobs after only 30 minutes effort, period.

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Robert W, NY.

"Thanks for emailing me. I really don't need any more help. Its working great. This is ace"

Neelam K, Leeds, UK

"I didn't want to waste time on another stupid scheme, so I only tried the Project Payday, and I am so pleased. I already made $2000, more than you said. I have to say thankyou, because I wasted my money on a lot of ebooks before I came to the site."

Amanda P, IL

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  Payment Mode

  You can get paid from Project Payday in 4 payment methods.

  1. Paypal - Payments are made immediately after you earn. Applicable only for main method

  2. Direct Deposit in your bank account

  3. Project Payday International Debit Card - Powered by Mastercard

  4. Check

  Project Payday Bonuses

The method discussed above is just one way to earn using project payday. There are many more methods which project payday will teach you. Totally there are 19 methods to earn using Project Payday system.

You will get the following money making bonus guides absolutely free. The below methods are not related to Project Payday system. These are some more ways to earn online and you will learn all these for free if you join Project Payday:

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   Project Payday Members Area Screenshots

   I cannot take screenshots of hundreds of pages in the project payday members area. I just took three and here they are...

  Fast Fifty Training

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  Free Mentoring

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  Project Payday Training Guide

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